The Atlantic Essences

The Atlantic Essences come in 15 ml blue glass bottles, bottled up with deep care, using Organic Calvados as a preservative sourced directly from the producer in Normandy.

The dilution is stock strength, meaning you can either use the essence directly from this bottle or prepare your own bottle which allows you to combine several essences at once. For guidelines on this, please to go the Essences page.
If you take the essences orally, my suggestion would be to take 5 drops twice a day, either neat or diluted in water. Please know there is no risk of overdosing, hence you can adapt this dosage to your own need, trusting your intuition, since you will get a real feel for this by connecting with your essences.

There are more ways to take the essences and again, you can see this information on the Essences page.
If you prepare your own bottle, my recommendation would be not to use more than five essences in your combination, but again, this is a guideline. What is most important, is to focus on one aspect you would like support for, and see which essences come up for this.

For selection of your essences, trust your intuition, read on the essences, look at the photograph, the title, see what calls you most and if you need any help on your choice, please do not hesitate to contact Muriel who will be able to help.
There are times where you may feel a consultation is what is called for, and in this case, Muriel can offer you this. For more information, please go to the Workshops & Retreats, Consultations page.

Flower/Tree Essences

Cowslip: Innocence (England – Dorset)
Childlike innocence. Finding again a sense of enchantment. Saying yes to Life no matter what. Was prepared during the presence and song of a cuckoo which added to the sense of pure joy and interconnectedness. A very simple message: “You are loved”

Foxglove: Fertile Creation (England – Dorset)
Feeling well in one’s body. Feeling strong and standing tall. The Love vibration, well grounded and with vibrant sexual energy expressed with love. Creative expression and fertility at all levels.

Impatiens: Divine Timing (England – Dorset)
“Everything comes in its own time”. One’s own sense of time. Birth of projects through communication, facilitating the expression of words coming from deep within. Feeling fertile, receptive and creative. Throat and sacral chakras.

Wild Sage: Transition with Ease (France – Ile de France)
Connected to the crown chakra. Being very grounded and also connected to other realms and the cosmos. Feeling very attuned to other dimensions and the invisible. Being at ease with the transcient nature and impermanence of life at all levels.

Yew: Inner Light (England – Dorset, Fifehead Magalen)
How to be protected and held at times of bringing the new in one’s life so that it can unfold in a beautiful and sacred way. Nurturing the dreams and the space in which the dreams will flourish, being held in abundance and light. Very feminine energy. Feeling loved, feeling seen. Knowing when to be seen and when not to be.

Animal Essences

Atlantic Puffins: Joyful Action (England – Pembrokeshire, Isle of Skomer)
Taking an active part in one’s life. Feeling home everywhere. Birthing ideas.
Adapting to the ever changing currents of life. “Follow the wind, no matter what, even in the most adverse circumstances. Do it with joy”. Freedom within community.

Baby Swallows: Flying Away (England – Dorset)
For the times in life where we have to go through these key moments alone.
Being empowered through leaving the nest behind and flying to one’s destiny, strong of what we have already experienced. Going back to a state of innocence, enchantment and curiosity. Taking our flights with absolute trust and no questioning.

Dolphin Bay: Mother Love (Wales – Cardigan Bay)
Connecting to a mother and baby dolphins. Joy and nurture. Nature doing “her thing”, going with the flow, in real simplicity. Journeying without attachment to the destination, inviting calm waters, with real tranquillity. Expectancy without expectation.

Dolphin, Together: Togetherness & Joy (France – Brittany)
“It is time to gather. Together, we are strong. We go in the same direction, know exactly our individual contribution to the whole and perform it with total consciousness, aliveness, lightness and sheer inner knowing and determination. We are all part of a collective consciousness”.

Stallions Herd: Compassion & Courage (England – Dorset)
Essence of eternal youth and wild spirit, galloping towards one’s destiny, enhancing one’s healing gifts especially in the “wounded healer”. In a state of acceptance and surrender where there is no separation in a world of endless possibilities with no veil between life and death.

Environmental Essences

Big Chief: Clear Vision (England – Devon, Branscombe beach)
Authenticity, integrity, clarity of vision, speaking one’s truth. Holding the records of the ancestors. Looking straight ahead without being affected at a level that would stop one’s path. “We have to stay earthed and have a bigger vision”. Being anchored to the Earth and holding one’s vision. Protection, leadership.

The Essence Within: Stillness (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
To invite deep connection to the Source, where there is nothing to change, just be. In this place, we are in a state of grace, feeling the abundance and awesomeness of Life. Supportive at times of outer and inner darkness, when seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. This is the midnight sun in the middle of Summer in Scotland. Support in SAD.

The Journey Within: Free Heart (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
Going through the upheavals of life and trusting they will pass. Being in the present moment, knowing that to each beginning, comes and end, and to each end, comes a new beginning. Journeying towards the manifestation of one’s dreams and having a “rendez-vous” with oneself. As within, so without.

The Leap: Trust (Scotland – Isle of Mull)
“It is time to take the leap, even and especially if it feels scary. You will fly and it will be liberating”. Rejoicing in life’s miracles, wonders and surprises. Trust in life’s forever changing inner and outer landscapes. At times of crossroads, when facing big decisions, finding one’s inner strength and courage.

The Pilgrim: Gratitude (England – Northumberland, Lindisfarne)
“Things come to us when unexpected. Beautiful gifts come to us when we appreciate what we already have“. Commitment to one’s spiritual path with real engagement. Combined with the energy of a group of seals, this reminds us to incorporate joy in our engagement, connecting and bringing in the magic and fun of life.

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